Pro-Bolt Finishing Touches – Hose Separators

Don’t let your lines rub you up the wrong way! Separate them with these neat little additions. Supplied with a colour co-ordinated countersunk bolt.

They offer a fantastic solution for routing lines throughout the vehicle professionally and economically in a range of pipe sizes.

The Hose Separators enable pipework that runs a similar route (such as fuel feed and return) to run together, but spaced to ensure abrasion does not occur.

Provides an important function and is ideal for those wanting to add that last finishing touch and to ensure both bike and rider are happy!

Manufactured from the same 7075T6 aluminium as our fastener range our hose separators will colour match perfectly. Suitable for use in all non-safety critical areas, these are available in a choice of black, blue, gold, orange, purple, red, and silver.

Pro Tip: A hose’s listed size is always in reference to the inside diameter (I.D). To correctly size for hose separators, measure the outside diameter (O.D). E.g: A brake hose may have an internal diameter of 5mm, where the outside diameter is 7mm.

Available for a limited time only on special offer.

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