¼ Turn Quick Release Fairing Kits

Our quick release fairing kits will provide D-Ring 1/4 turn replacements where quick release are present as standard. All other bolts on the side fairing, mudguard, and belly pan and seat unit will be replaced with standard threaded bolts. This will provide a colour consistent finish throughout the fairing. Slide-on & rivet-on backing plates are also available separately.

We offer our quick release fairing kits in three different materials – aluminium, stainless steel and titanium, each offers a different level of strength suitable for different applications. Having pre-measured a large range of bike models enables us to offer bolt kits and accessories in the most suitable and relevant materials allowing you to safely and easily replace your original fasteners.

Aluminium: Excellent for non-stress areas, weight reduction and customising with 7 colours to choose from.

Stainless steel: Highly polished to a superb mirror finish, durable, highly resistant to corrosion and also available in a super hard black DLC coating.

Titanium: Available anodised in 3 colours and Black DLC coating, a combination of superb strength and a 42% weight reduction over steel, this offers an unbeatable combination – an essential for racers and those who insist on the best.