Stainless Steel Dome Nut M8 Individual

Stainless Steel Dome Nut M8 Individual
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A2 Polished Stainless Steel Dome Nut - M8 x 1.25mm

Additional Information

Material Stainless
Product Type Nut
Weight in Gms 8.4000
Bar Code 5053573764935
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Thread Diameter 8mm
Thread Pitch 1.25mm
Outside Diameter 13mm
Height 15mm
Socket Size 13mm
Pack Quantity 1

Material Information 

Stainless Steel

Manufactured from A316 stainless steel. A316 stainless steel has a minimum chromium content of 16.5% and contains elements of carbon, molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, sulphur, nickel, manganese and iron, all of which add properties of formability, strength, weldability and enhanced corrosion resistance. All of the fasteners are highly polished to a mirror-like finish.

  • Density 8030kg/m3 (501lb/ft3)
  • Young's Modulus 193GPa (28 x 106psi)
  • Yield Strength 260MPa (37.7 x 103)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength 570MPa (82.7 x 103 psi)
  • Compressive Strength 260MPa (37.7 x 103 psi)
  • Shear Modulus78GPa (11.3 x 106 psi)
  • Ductility 40% elongation at break +
  • Minimum value allowed by ASTMA240
  • Poisson's Ratio0.27
  • Hardness 95 Rockwell B+
  • Maximum value allowed by ASTMA240
  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio 32.4 kNm/kg
  • Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio 24.0 Mnm/kg

Black & Gold Stainless Steel: Long lasting finish resulting from an application of Diamond Like Coating (DLC). This unique finish increases the fastener lifetime and helps to prevent galling whilst providing a supreme hardness and offering the optimum in corrosion resistance thanks to a nanocomposite coating.


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  1. Phil -
    Better than new...

    This item, along with many others I have bought from Pro-Bolt were bought as replacements for the nasty corroded bolts that Triumph bean counters think fit to use on an otherwise great bike.
    I use my bike all year long and the salt manages to destroy anything that is not stainless or aluminium. Each month I buy a few more bolts,nuts, or washers and swap out the nasty ones, upgrading all the time with a bit of bling. These Dome nuts are great and add subtle detail to add a bit of class to my bike.

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Stainless Steel Dome Nut M8 Individual

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