Stainless Steel Banjo Bolt Single Race Specx2 Rear Caliper (SSBANJOS10FR-2Z2)

£22.42 - £26.26 (Inc. VAT)
£18.68 - £21.88 (Ex. VAT)
Stainless Steel Race Spec Banjo Bolts. Available in both single and double options, individually and in packs, supplied with the necessary copper washers. We recommend these are fitted dry to avoid brake fluid contamination. An essential item if upgrading your brake lines or a simple neat replacement for rusty originals. The Race-Spec design is pre-drilled on all the flats to allow for ease of lock wiring and are manufactured from grade 316 Stainless Steel. This material offers superb corrosion resistance and durability. They are machined with rolled threads to give extra strength and polished to a mirror finish. Ideal when quality, strength and corrosion resistance is required. Fitments are available for Clutch, Front and Rear Brake Calipers and Master Cylinders. Please use our vehicle search for model specific fitments. Stainless Steel is also available in black, which not only looks great but has other benefits too.. This beautiful long lasting black finish results from an application of Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC) This gives supreme hardness and corrosion resistance provided by a nano composite coating, which increases the fastener lifetime dramatically and helps to prevent galling. By incorporating them right from the beginning, the overall system cost can be held level or may even be reduced. Please note that due to this special coating Black Stainless Steel is not identical to our Black Aluminium.
Stainless Steel
Product Type:
Brake / Caliper
Head Style:
Flanged Hex Head
Thread Diameter:
Thread Pitch:
Thread Length:
Head Diameter:
Head Height:
Socket Size:
Pack Quantity:
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