5th Jun 2023


Reigning Pro MX1 champion, Harri Kullas, came into round two of the 2023 series lying in second place, at the awesome new track of Monster Mountain in South Wales.

In qualifying, Harri put in the 4th fastest MX1 time, and then got an amazing start from the centre of the gate, to lead early on. However, Harri was passed by Conrad Mewse and then a few laps later was pushed to third place, which is where he finished.

Another superb holeshot for Harri in race one, but this time Josh Gilbert went past on lap one, as Harri kept Gilbert in sight. Conrad Mewse was slowly making up time on Harri until a fallen back marker caused Harri to slow on the last lap and Mewse went past, giving Harri 3rd place and 3rd overall.

Harri Kullas - "Solid weekend with 3-3 results for 3rd overall. I did enjou the very tough, tricky and tecnical conditions during the races. Obviously, the dirt is not my favourite, but I tried to do my best and I enjoyed riding still. Had 2 holeshots and riding was good, just tiny bit short for better results. Second race was running whole race in second place until the last lap couple lapped riders fell in front of me and I dropped to 3rd. Trying to have easy week and next weekend is off so bit resting time and then we go again."

Reigning Pro MX2 champion, Jamie Carpenter, put in the 7th fastest time in MX1 and then had a good start inside the top 10, as made a few passes mid race to move into 7th place by the finish.

An almost identical start in race two saw Jamie in 7th on lap one, and he put in a solid and professional performance to finish 7th again, for 6th overall. 

Jamie Carpenter - "6th overall today at the MX Nationals UK at Monster Mountain. One of the gnarliest track conditions I have ever raaced. I am happy to leave with two consistent races and in one piece. I feel like i have more potential and still need to make improvements with myself and the bike, we'll do our best to make that happen and onto the next one."

Sam Nunn qualified 10th fastest in MX2 and then had a solid start in race one, closing in on the top three, before a mechanical gremlin forced him out of the race.

Sam went out on his spare bike in race two looking to score some good points, which he did, finishing in 10th place in MX2. 

Sam Nunn - "Tough day at Monster Mountain. Didn't really get on with the track and a technical issue with the bike in race one made it a hard day. Couple weeks break then we go again at Hawkstone for the Revo British Championship. Thanks to the whole team for all their help.

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