17th Mar 2022


We were absolutely delighted to finally get our hands on Aprilia's all-new contribution to the lightweight sports bike market with the gorgeous RS660!

Oozing with charm and Italian flair, this is Aprilia's first faired middleweight machine to offer road-friendly vibes with full-on track capability. And with big names like Brembo providing the equipment, the RS660 brings a level of technology unheard of in this class.

New Bikes Need New Bolts 

We're always surprised at how fast the original fasteners can begin to corrode, even on new bikes.

You'd like to think that when motorcycle manufacturers are developing their newest releases they would choose from the very best hardware available for the final product. And usually, this is the case, Brembo Calipers, Öhlins Suspension, Bosch IMUs are all commonplace on even the most 'Budget' orientated bikes nowadays.

But for all the name-dropping, the fasteners holding this equipment together is often the Achilles heel, and make what should be a bedroom poster of a bike, look like a bit of a crusty banger.

The RS660 we measured was completely brand new, only about 50 miles on the clock and looking factory fresh in almost every single way. That is, except for the fasteners.

We couldn't help but notice that the mild steel used on some original fasteners had begun to tarnish and even rust in some cases, which for a bike so pristine, we think is unacceptable.

There was only one thing for it... it was time for some Pro-Bolts.

Why Switch to Pro-Bolt? 

Aside from the obvious aesthetic improvements you benefit from swapping to Pro-Bolts fasteners, our pre-measured kits take the guesswork out of bolt measuring, meaning you spend less time in the workshop, and more time riding!

All kits include all the necessary bolts to replace the original fasteners in your chosen colour and style and will include copper grease lubricant and the necessary Allen keys if required.

Kits are easy to use – remove one bolt at a time, and replace it with the identical length bolt from your Pro-Bolt kit.

With a choice of several bolt styles, materials, and colour options available, our pre-measured kits are a great way to upgrade and give your machine a completely new look.

Fasteners You Can Trust

Pro-Bolt has earned its reputation In the extremely demanding world of MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes, and Road Racing to name but a few, so there's more than a few reasons to make the switch:

·Our fasteners are tried and tested in Motorsport Paddocks worldwide, you can have the confidence to replace safety-critical fasteners with a quality product you know you can trust.

· To reduce weight – Titanium is 40% lighter than standard steel fasteners. Where application allows, Aluminium offers a 60% weight saving over steel.

· Fit and Forget - 

· For Safety reasons – opt for a fastener that’s drilled ready for lock wiring – a requirement for many racing categories.

· Replace damaged, rusty, lost, or simply heavy fasteners

· To customize – Make your bike unique and colour coordinate.

· Replacing O.E.M. fasteners with Pro-Bolt Aluminum & Stainless Steel is often more cost-effective.

The Final Results - Before & After

The Build Spec: 

• Full Bike Hardware By: Pro-Bolt

• Stainless Steel Dome Head Fairing Kit

• Stainless Steel 'Race Spec' Engine Case Kit

• Titainium Dome Head Screen Kit

• Black Aluminium Fuel Cap Surround Bolt Kit

• Titanium Socket Cap Handlebar Mount Kit

• Titanium Rear Axle Nut

• Full Titanium 'Race Spec' Disc Bolt Kit

• Titanium Rider and Pillion Footrest Kits

• Stainless Steel ABS Sensor Mount Bolt Kit

• Stainless Steel Sprocket Nut Set

• Front Brake Caliper Mount Bolt Kit - Stainless Steel Socket Cap

• Stainless Steel Brembo Caliper Pinch Bolt Kit

• Black Aluminium Paddock Stand Bobbins

• Full Top and Bottom Yoke Bolt Kit - Stainless Steel

• Stainless Steel 'Race Spec' Lever Mount Bolt Kit

• Stainless Steel 'Race Spec' Brake Reservoir and Master Cylinder Mount Bolt Kits

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