Titanium Engine Kit Yamaha YZF1000 R1 Race Spec (EYA407TIR)

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Our engine kits include all the bolts required to replace the fasteners in the side engine casings, this will include (where applicable): - clutch covers - water pump housing - alternator cover - sprocket covers Primarily M6 threads with a 5mm Allen key drive. Our Titanium fasteners are made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (Grade 5) and are incredibly strong, while having an advantage of being around 42% lighter than Stainless Steel. These are polished and are also available in Blue, Gold and Purple Haze, enabling you to really make your bike stand out amongst the crowd. Kits are easy to use, remove one bolt at a time, and replace with an identical length Pro-Bolt in to your original backing clip. Where this is not possible we include appropriate nuts. Should you wish to replace any worn original receptacles they are available to order separately. Also included in the kit is: - Copper Grease Sachet - Relevant Allen keys - Pro-Bolt Decal Sticker - Instructions provided for torque settings.

Please note: The images displayed are generic and may not represent the size or quantity of bolts that you will receive.

Titanium Grade 5
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